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We are a diverse family with colorful personalities

Central Virginia’s Family Publication!

The Central Virginia Family Guide publication appeals to the decision makers in every family with vital information. This family publication contains an event calendar, emergency and important phone numbers, family- friendly activities and services, helpful articles, and much more. This helpful resource makes it simple for families all over Central Virginia to get connected and active. This FREE publication is published once a year by VistaGraphics, Inc.

About Our Readers: Average number of children: 2.5. Household Income: Over $75,000.
Gender: 80% Female, 20% Male Age: 25 to 45. Married: 72%, Single Parent: 28%.
Home: Own: 70%, Rent: 30%.

In 2017, a minimum of 10,000 Family Guides will be distributed annually throughout the Central Virginia area. The primary source for distribution is through the Guide advertisers and local businesses, plus the 40 guide racks we have in high-traffic locations. We make the Family Guide visible and accessible throughout Lynchburg, Appomattox, Amherst, Altavista, Bedford, Campbell, and Forest. We also work with local schools, churches, early learning centers, parenting groups and the Chamber of Commerce to distribute. Guides are also included in many relocation packages provided by realtors and mortgage lenders and the Chamber to families moving to Central Virginia.

The Central Virginia Family Guide is a publication about families, written, designed, photographed, coded, by our VistaGraphics, Inc. family. Even though we are a diverse “work family” with a lot of colorful personalities mixing together, it takes all of us to bring this wonderful family-oriented publication to life.

In addition, as the parent company of the Family Guide, VistaGraphics also creates and distributes Lynchburg Living, the area’s Premier Lifestyle Magazine, Lynchburg Business, Lynchburg Restaurant Week, and the Central Virginia Bridal Guide.

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