“I Wish I Had Known”

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There’s no one better to share words of wisdom than fellow moms because just like the bond between a mother and child is unlike anything else, so we can best understand one another in ways no one else can. Until you’ve birthed or mothered a child, it’s hard to explain the depth of all the experience entails.

So here is some advice from local moms just like you and how they would finish the statement “Before I became a mom, I wish I had known…”

Jenna Tomlin  |  Lynchburg
Children: Eva, 1 year old
“…that the transition to postpartum is a ‘birth’ in its own right and can require the same preparation and thought before birth.”

Abigail Waples  |  Forest

Children:  Karoline, 2
“…to hold on to each second. The sleepless nights, the bouncing a sick baby, the endless diapers…
it all fades so quickly, and if you don’t take the time to pause in the middle of the tough times and find the joy, or appreciate where you are, you’ll miss out on all the beauty of the season your in.”

Laura Wilhelm  |  Lynchburg
Children:  Kenzie, 2
“…that I could relax and enjoy the newborn phase, and that I would want to scream the amount of times my 2 year old would say ‘mama’ in a row—but that I would also look at her sleep, and my heart would explode.”

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