2016 Editor’s Letter

jennifer redmond, editor central virginia family guide

Like most moms, you probably want to make the most of the family time you have together.

In a world filled with endless “To Do” lists and wallets that seem to shrink while demands seem to multiply, it can be tough to be a creative and fun mom as summer approaches. We wanted to do our best to help you be prepared with plenty of affordable and fun ideas that are easy to implement such as ways to get the family out and about in the Central Virginia region. From historical day trips to an exploratory adventure down one of our regional rivers, check out the Ultimate Family Bucket List on page 8. 
With local options like the Snowflex Centre and all that 
our Parks & Recreation department offers, you’ll be more than ready when a little voice starts to say, “But there’s nothing to do around here!”

Local mom and pediatrician Dr. Rachel Gagen shares on page 16 why she’s involved with Live Healthy Lynchburg—a decision spurred by her belief that “we know our children 
will do what we do much more than they will do what we say.

So if we want health to be important to them, we need to model how important a healthy lifestyle is to us!”

It’s nothing new that digital screens command more of our time and attention than ever before. Local expert Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd, author of The Digital Invasion, believes boundaries are essential—time limits, access limits, etc. Doing so may cause a short-term rebellion from your kids, but such a decision will pay long-term dividends in family closeness and relationships.

See page 21 to read more practical ways you can make sure digital devices don’t hold your family hostage any longer.

Resident home design expert and mom Heather Cravens has some creative recommendations for designing themed bedrooms without breaking the bank. From vintage trains to highlighting your child’s artwork, you don’t want to miss her ideas starting on page 34.

In addition to our local and expert advice, we have lists upon lists of helpful community resources. Want to know how you can connect with other moms in the area? See page 28.

How about where you can find information on regional homeschool groups? That’s on page 44.

And a really important question—where can kids eat for free? We’ve got you covered on page 30.

Our region has so much to offer, and we want to help you take full advantage of it all.

As moms, our greatest adventure is motherhood itself. This issue of the CVFG should help you give your kids some great adventures of their very own!

From one mom to another…
Jennifer Redmond, Managing Editor

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